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School Starts Sept 2nd!  *** Bell Schedule for 2014 - 2015: Breakfast 7:15 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.   Start time 8:05 a.m.   End time 3:05 p.m.   ***

Principal's Message

Everyone Starts Somewhere

By Dr. Carly jarva, Principal BCHS

Dear Centaur Students, Families, and Community Members,

As we gear up for school year 2015, I am taking some time for reflection on this past year – my first year as BCHS’s proud principal.  Last year was a tremendous year of growth for me as an educator.  I spent the year connecting with faculty and staff; parents, families, and community members; and building connections in belief around and within our space that would make BCHS the very best place for our students.  Are we done?  Not by a long shot.  We are not done with that process and I do not believe that we ever should be, but as long as we are making our decisions at BCHS with this belief in mind - we can’t possibly go wrong.

My fifteenth school year begins on August 25 when my staff returns for work, but last year was my first day in a new place with new people and in a new role. I  wrote to you last year about how impressed I have been with the community of Brooklyn Center because it is truly a community.  It is not simply a group of houses situated near one another.  BC folks care about one another. 

With that in mind, my reflection centers on how many other people will be starting their first day in a new place with new people and in a new role.  Seventeen new BCHS staffers will begin their first day on August 12 when they report for new employee orientation.  One hundred fifty new 6th grade students will walk through our front doors on September 3rd.  Seventy new students (and climbing) will begin across grades 7 - 12 on that first day as well.  BCHS is growing and I truly believe that to be in no small part due to the community that exists both inside and outside of our walls.

As a community, how can we be focused on welcoming these young people into our school and into our community when I will know who they are, but you may not?  You may look at them and see a young person on their way to school.  Well…I have a request- connect with that young person.  Tell them to have a great first day of school when you see them on September 2nd.   Honk for them as you drive by on your way to work.  Whether it is their first day in a new place, it is still a new beginning for them.  That should be celebrated.

Let’s welcome those new students and welcome back all of our students at BCCS in true BC style as they begin their new adventure whether it is their 12th year, their 4th year, or their first day!  That is who we are as a community.  That is what we strive to create at BCHS - a place where our students know that they are welcome and can focus on being their very best.

Last year I wrote about how BC residents come out for one another.  Keep coming out for our kids. 

And always remember- It’s a Great Day to be a Centaur!


First Day of School:  September 2, 2014
Last Day of School:  June 4, 2015

Start time is: 8:05 a.m. and Dismissal Time is 3:05 p.m.

Spring Break will be March 30 to April 3, 2014.

BCHS School Phone Number: (763) 561-2120

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