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Principal's Message


As per usual, gearing up for a school year brings endless opportunities for reflection in the things that went as planned and those that are considered as opportunities for growth.  It is strange to think that this will be my third year as the proud principal at Brooklyn Center Secondary (BCS).  The past two years have been the most gratifying years that I have had as an educator.  No matter what challenges we are facing, I felt and feel blessed to come to BCS each day.  This past year, my energy was firmly focused on connecting with faculty and staff; parents, families, and community members; and building connections in belief around and within our space that would make BCS the very best place for our students.   Are we done? Not by a long shot. We are not done with that process and I do not believe that we ever should be, but as long as we are making our decisions at BCS with kids in mind - we will continue to grow.

And grow we have - our enrollment is on the rise.  We started last year above projections and ended nearly 100 students beyond what we expected.  We hope this school year will bring more of the same because as we know - more students brings more robust experiences to BCS.  We all grow together. 

Another area of growth for us this past year was in our achievement data.  We showed strong gains in reading and math across grades 6 and 7.  This tells us that our focus in the middle levels is working.  Areas of renewed commitment for us are in the development of our 8th grade class as they prepare for their transition into high school, as well as our junior class as they prepare for the ACT and college applications.

I wrote to you over these past two years about how impressed I have been with the community of Brooklyn Center because it is truly a community.  It is not simply a group of houses situated near one another.  I find this sentiment to be as true now as I did in the fall of 2014.  I believe now, though, that the next layer of this lies in our ability to leverage the many talents of the residents of BC to raise up our young people.

My request is the same this year as last- connect with that young person.  Tell them to have a great first day of school when you see them on August 31st.  Honk for them as you drive by on your way to work.  Come out to cheer on your soccer, football, and tennis teams.  Come join us for open house on August 27th.

Let’s welcome all of our new students and welcome back all of our students at Brooklyn Center Community Schools in true BC style as they begin their new adventure, whether it is their 12th year, their 4th year, or their first day!  That is who we are as a community. 

And always remember - It’s a Great Day to be a Centaur!


First Day of School:  August 31, 2015
Last Day of School:  June 2, 2016

Start time is: 8:05 a.m. and Dismissal Time is 3:05 p.m.

Winter Break is December 23 through January 3.

BCHS School Phone Number: (763) 561-2120

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