College Prep Courses

College Prep Course work Options
College in the Schools courses (CIS): students that are in the top 30% of their class are eligible to take a college course that is taught by a teacher here at Brooklyn Center High School. With successful completion of the course students can earn 4 college credits (accepted at most universities) and a high school credit. The courses that we offer include: CIS creative writing, CIS contemporary literature, CIS drawing, CIS government & Economics
Post secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO): Juniors and Seniors in the top 1/3 of their graduating class can take college courses at a local community college or university. Students are required to take 4 classes if full time PSEO. With successful completion of their courses students earn college credit and high school credit.
Advancement Via Individual Determination(AVID): This is a program that helps students that qualify with gaining the necessary skills to be successful in school and college. Students in AVID also take challenging / advanced courses, such and IB, CIS, PSEO and advanced classes.  For more information please contact your students’ counselor.