Graduation Requirements
All juniors need to have 26credits completed, have passed the GRAD reading and GRAD writing test, and either passed the GRAD math test or qualify for the exemption to be eligible to graduate from BC. All juniors need to be at a minimum of 12 credits at the beginning of their Junior year to be on track for graduation. Make an appointment with your School Counselor to check your credit status.
ACT & SAT sign ups going on NOW!
It is highly encouraged that all Juniors take the ACT and/or SAT at least once before the Summer. 
Whether you/your student are thinking they will attend a 4 year university. Taking the ACT can open up doors that a student might not have realized they qualified for.
It is important during your Junior year that a student remembers to take advantage of all opportunities and apply, apply, APPLY for scholarships. Visit the scholarship page to learn more.
Genesys Works: Apply NOW
Applications are due in March.
To apply: www.genesysworks.org
College Tours/Colleges List
Now is the time to start dreaming about all the places you would like to go to attend college, whether it is a community college or a 4 year college/university. 
Junior students: Make a list of every school you have ever wanted to go to and begin researching each institution until you find the perfect school. 
This is the year to set up college tours, research and ask questions, apply for scholarships and meet monthly with your School Counselor. The more planning you do now the better prepared you will be entering your senior year!