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Participation Conflict Policy


The dates and times of activities set for the Metro Alliance Conference, MSHSL, District, Region, State and National contests are events basically beyond the direct control of the individual school. If the scheduling of the above mentioned activities conflicts with locally scheduled co-curricular activities, even though the local activities were scheduled first, the Conference, MSHSL, District, Region, State and National scheduled activity will take priority over the local activity. The local activity shall be re-scheduled if possible.

In cases where a student has a conflict between two or more local activities or two or more Conference, MSHSL, District, Region or National activities, the student will make the choice of which activity he or she will participate in and immediately notify involved coaches/advisors. This student decision should be made in advance of the conflict with no duress, grade loss, public humiliation, pressure, or penalty from teacher, advisor, director, coach or administrator.

A student may only be held from an after-school co-curricular meeting, practice or the like for disciplinary reasons by a building administrator.