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Visual Arts

Through the Visual Arts program at Brooklyn Center STEAM Middle and High Schools, students will learn to create original artwork as well as evaluate past and current artistic works.

They will also learn why art matters. Quality of craftsmanship will be emphasized as students learn how to use the elements and principles of art to become visual problem solvers. Students will look at art throughout history as well as contemporary artists in their own community. They will explore art history and careers in art. Additionally, students will have learning opportunities through museum and art gallery visits and by working with various guest artists. Throughout their time in the BC Visual Arts program, students will work in a variety of media including painting, drawing, ceramics and sculpture.

They will also have the opportunity to explore global arts and crafts, such as Hmong needlework, Mexican pottery, papier mache, Japanese bookmaking, weaving, copper tooling, Indian batik, African fabric printing and Turkish paper marbling.