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Principal's Message

The first day of school is Tuesday, September 5th! 

Please join us for Open Houses on

Monday, August 28th:

  • Earle Brown Elementary School 4pm-6pm
  • Brooklyn Center Middle & High School 5pm-7pm
  • Brooklyn Center Early College Academy 5pm-7pm 

I feel grateful and energized as we look toward welcoming staff and students back to begin a new school year.  Our passion and energy will remain firmly focused on moving instructional practices forward and building connections in belief around and within our space that will make BCS the very best place for our students.  We believe that every student should feel a sense of identity and connection to our place of learning.

A notable change this year will be in the school name.  We are being very intentional about creating unique identities for our middle and high school.  As a campus, we will be known as Brooklyn Center STEAM (BCS); and as two entities we will be called Brooklyn Center Middle School and Brooklyn Center High School.  There will be additional work toward making more defined and developmentally tailored experiences for our two schools throughout the year.


If you see one of our students on their way to school on September 5th, please tell them to have a great first day of school!  Honk and wave to them as you drive by on your way to work.  

Dr. Carly Jarva, BCS Middle School & High School Principal