"ZAP" stands for "Zeros Aren't Possible."

Goal: Establish a school-wide approach to handling missed assessment deadlines.

Who: Ms. Miller (High School) Ms. Sampson and Mr. Kane (Middle School)

Where: Upstairs classrooms

When: ZAP will take place during the student's lunch hour the next day

What: Students who do not turn in an assessment (formative or summative) on time may be "zapped." Note: If they do poorly on an assessment, they will re-do it during intervention, but if they do not do it at all, then they go to ZAP.

  • Student receives a ZAP pass from their teacher.
  • The next school day, the student picks up a lunch and takes it to the ZAP room during lunch.
  • Student continues to attend ZAP during lunch until the assessment is complete.
  • Assessment is turned in to the ZAP teacher- NOT the classroom teacher. The ZAP teacher will turn the assignment back to the classroom teacher for grading.
  • ZAP instructors will keep track of student data (how often, what classes, how long they stay, etc.) and identify students who are ZAPPED multiple times for additional support.

*If a student is ZAPPED more than once by the same teacher, the teacher is asked to call home to let the parent know the student has been ZAPPED.
*Students who were absent will be given two days to get their missed assessments submitted before they can be ZAPPED.