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Students who are residents of Brooklyn Center and are transferring to Brooklyn Center High School will be accepted any time during the semester.  However, when possible, students are encouraged to transfer at the beginning of each semester to gain the best possible educational experience.



Grades 6-8: English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Family/Consumer Science (7th grade), Reading, Technology Education, Health (8th grade), Physical Education, Language B (Spanish or French), Instrumental or Vocal Music, Performing Arts (Dance/Theatre), or Visual Art.


Grades 9 & 10: English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Physical Education (1 semester per year), Technology elective (1 semester), Fine Arts elective (1 semester), Language B (Spanish or French), two electives of choice.


Grade 11: English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, plus six semesters of graduation requirements or student electives.


Grade 12: English, Humanities, plus ten semesters of graduation requirements or student electives.


During grades 11 & 12, students may earn credit for student aide assignments (.25 credit each), but may not exceed .5 credit total during these two years.  Student aide credit will count toward elective credits.


Some students receive individual help during the school year through the Support Services or ELL department.  Because of this, they may be excused from some regular classes.  Students involved in this program receive full credit for these courses.



Students must follow these procedures for dropping/adding a class.  A student is not officially dropped or added until he/she has followed this procedure.  Only the Administration or Guidance Counselor can approve a change.  No teacher may change a student’s schedule without consultation with the counselor and/or administration.



(1)       With counselor’s approval, a student must obtain a drop/add slip from the counseling office.

(2)     A student must first receive a signature from the teacher whose class is to be added and then must receive a signature from the teacher whose class will be dropped.

(4)    Before the change is official, the counselor must approve and sign for the schedule change.

(5)     Special Drop/Add Notes and Procedures:

 (a)    Students who drop a course before the quarter deadline day, and do not add a course, will receive a W on their transcript.

 (b)    Students who drop a course after the quarter deadline day will receive an F on their transcript if they are failing.

 (c)    Teachers will not officially drop students from their class rosters, after quarter drops.  This will ensure accurate accounting for all grades on the end of semester grade reports and transcripts.

 (d)    Any students dropped from courses because of administrative decision (i.e. behavior), will receive an F for a final grade on grade reports and transcripts.

 (e)    Students who are dropped from courses are not allowed to enroll in alternative courses, independent study or other programs, on or off campus, until after the semester is completed.  These courses must be taken after school hours.  Enrollment in these programs must receive prior approval from counseling so that courses taken can be a part of the graduation requirements.

 (f)     PSEO students who drop from a college course, while not adding another, will receive the appropriate college grade on their transcripts.


All student questions relating to class drop/add procedures should be directed to the counseling office.  Students will not be allowed to drop or add classes unless the reasons fall under BCHS Class Schedule Change guidelines and the student has the approval of a counselor.



Student schedule changes will be made ONLY for the following reasons:

·       Computer error

·       Medical reasons

·       Teacher recommendation

·       Inappropriate placement

·       Administrative decision

Students are expected to attend and complete the classes in which they are enrolled.  These reasons, and others like them, are not acceptable reasons for dropping a class: "I don't like the teacher"-"My friends aren't in the class"-"It's too much work"-"I don't need the credit"-"I'm failing"-etc.  If a student is registered for the class, it's his or hers for the semester.



**Seniors must have earned all required credits at the conclusion of the second semester in order to participate in the commencement program.  Seniors who have fewer than the required credits (as outlined in the BCHS graduation requirements) cannot participate in the graduation ceremony.


Students who have credit deficiencies must make up course work in an accredited school.  Upon notification of course completion, the counselor will ascertain credit attainment and then award the diploma.


Valedictorians and salutatorians are determined at the end of Semester I.


All students who participate in commencement exercises must have completed their final class checkout and met senior obligations (makeup time, course expectations, fines, return of school property) before the time of graduation.  They also must have paid the graduation fee.


Commencement participation is optional.  If a senior doesn’t want to be a part of the commencement exercises, they must declare such four weeks before graduation.  In such cases, seniors will receive their diplomas after commencement.  No diplomas will be issued prior to commencement.



Students who have sufficient credits to graduate early must apply for Early Graduation in writing to the principal by October 15.  The letter must contain a summary of the specific situation and the format requested.  A student may petition before the start of his or her senior year to graduate at mid-year provided he or she has met the following conditions.  Where mid-year graduation is granted, the diploma will not be granted until the June commencement exercises, although the records will indicate graduation at mid-year.

1.      The student’s reason for mid-year graduation must be valid as judged by the administration.

2.      The full graduation requirements at BCHS must be fully met by mid-year and the counselor substantiates this fact.



The top ten academically ranked students in the graduating class will receive an Academic Top Ten Medal to wear during the commencement exercises.



Honor graduates will be recognized for scholastic achievement and will wear the symbolic gold or silver tassel during commencement exercises.  To achieve High Honor Graduate status (gold), a student must earn a grade point average of 10.000 or above during grades 9-12. To achieve Honor Graduate status (silver), a student must earn a grade point average of 8.5000-9.999. The grade point average, which is cumulative 9-12, will be calculated after the first semester of the senior year.



Grades are given in each class on a semester basis.  Some classes for grades 6-8 will be graded at the quarter.  A letter (A,B,C,D,F) system and/or the following system of grading is used at BCHS.

                  S = Satisfactory                                    P = Pass

U = Unsatisfactory                              NG = No grade or credit

                  I  = Incomplete

A final grade of “I”, “F” or “NG” carries “0” weight for averaging purposes.  “S” or “U” final grades are not used in calculating grade point averages.  An incomplete “I” must be made up within two weeks after the end of the quarter or semester or it becomes an “F”.  An NG remains on the record until all obligations/expectations are met.



A quarter grade report will be sent to parents/students and discussed at Parent/Teacher Conferences.  At the end of each quarter or semester, students will be given final Grade Reports for all their classes.  Parents are encouraged to call their student’s classroom teachers or guidance counselor at any time during the year if they have questions or concerns



Students who achieve and maintain a cumulative 10.0 GPA (A-) as determined at the end of the third quarter will receive an academic award.

                  Grade 9    -  Certificate of Achievement

    Grade 10  -  BC Letter and the Lamp of  Learning

                  Grade 11  -  Silver Academic Torch

                  Grade 12  -  Gold Academic Torch



Brooklyn Center High School's grading system is based on the following 12-point system:

(A+) = 12                  (A) =11                  (A-) = 10

(B+) = 9                     (B) = 8                  (B-) = 7

(C+) = 6                     (C) = 5                  (C-) = 4

(D+) = 3                     (D) = 2                  (D-) = 1

(F)    = 0

Students will be recognized for scholastic achievements by a published honor roll.  To be included on the “A” honor roll, students must achieve a grade point average of 10.00 or above.  To be on the “B” honor roll, students must achieve a grade point average of 8.000-9.999.  Students having more than one “D” on their report slip or marks of “F” or “U” are eliminated from making either the A or B Honor Roll.



Membership in the National Honor Society is based on four qualifying criteria and faculty recommendations.  (A student may graduate from BCHS with High Honors or Honors without being a member of the NHS.) 


First, the student must have achieved a grade point average of 9.2000.  New members are considered at the end of first semester of their sophomore, junior and senior years.  (Current GPA is used.)


Second, the student is given an opportunity to share, through a written application, about his/her service experiences in our school and community.


Third, the faculty advisory board will evaluate each candidate on service, leadership, character and attitude.   They will recommend membership by using information submitted by each individual.


Fourth, the students are asked to provide a letter of recommendation from a community member for whom, or with whom, they have worked.  NHS is seeking students who have demonstrated outstanding dedication and who show enthusiasm and willingness to serve others.  If an invited student chooses to join NHS, he/she is making a commitment to participate in:

·       leadership in BC school community;

·       the general monthly meetings; and

·       school and community service projects



Incompletes:  An incomplete (I) mark may be given if a student has been excused frequently; the student is missing a significant part of his/her class work; or he/she is not meeting course requirements.  If there is reason to believe that a student will make up the work, an “I” may be given.  This decision is up to the classroom teacher.  Incompletes must be completed within two weeks after the end of the quarter or semester (not when grades are distributed) to get course credit.  If not, the Incomplete automatically becomes an F or the grade earned up to that point is given to the student.  This decision is up to the classroom teacher.  Incompletes will be given only to those students who have a realistic chance to pass the course after their work is completed and to those who the teacher believes fall under the Incomplete guidelines.  It is a student’s responsibility to connect with his/her classroom teacher to make arrangements for completing incomplete assignments.  Once an “I” is changed to an F, it cannot be changed again.


NG Marks:  An NG (No Grade) mark may be given for such things as:  medical waiver for PE; course repeats; credit already given; course obligations not met; textbooks/workbooks not returned; or financial obligations not met.  They will not be used for purposes of discipline.  NG marks remain on records until obligations are met.  Each student who is given an NG mark will receive an explanation from the teacher and the teacher will report this information to the Guidance Office, as well as to the administration.



Hints and Helps for Success in the Classroom

¨  Always bring books, materials and assignments to class.

¨  Come prepared to listen and learn.

¨  Be an active participant...ask questions and participate in discussions.

¨  Understand the assignment and ask questions if it’s not understood.

¨  Know when assignment deadlines are and plan accordingly.

¨  Keep a positive attitude about the class, the teacher and the assignments.

¨  Always try to do your best...don’t give up.

¨  Complete all assignments...take the time you need to complete them.

¨  Know when summative assessments are given and prepare for them gradually...don’t procrastinate.

¨  When testing, understand directions or ask questions about them.

¨  Manage your time while taking a test.



Our mission at BCHS, especially during grades 6-8, is to provide students with basic essential skills for life-long learning so that they may become contributing citizens in our society and our changing world.


Our BCHS middle level program offers students a structure for the development of academic and organizational skills.  It is also equally important that through a variety and exploration of learning experiences, students gain confidence that will enhance their self-esteem. Our middle level program is designed to prepare students to perform satisfactorily at the high school level.  Our curriculum can be challenging.  It must be taken seriously.  Students must be responsible for their learning.


1.      Every class that a middle level student takes is “important”.  Basic essential skills must be learned and applied.  A passing grade must be achieved.


2.      If Saturday School or Summer School is required, failures must be made up immediately following the completion of the quarter.  Parents will be notified through a letter from the school and requested to enroll their son or daughter.  Failure to attend makeup sessions may result in retention in the same grade the next school year.


3.      Students who fail more than half of their classes during the year may be retained in the same grade level in the following school year as recommended by teachers, administrators and the counselor.


4.      Students and parents who do not choose to accept the educational staff’s recommendations must notify BCHS administration in writing and the letter will become an official document in the student’s permanent academic file.  A staff, parent and administration meeting may also be required.