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Ms. Ford

Position Title:  Director of Data and Accountability

Reports to:  Superintendent


I.  District Project Management

A.  Oversee projects across the district

·       Work with supervisors and employee in the development of project charters

·       Development and management of graphic project schedules

·       Progress monitoring for projects

·       Ensure measurable outcomes (“deliverables”)

·       Systemization of accountability tied to the district mission and strategic plan

II.  District Data:

A.  Data Tracking, Achievement Gap Reduction, and Program Monitoring

·       Analyze individual student data, grade-level data, sub-group data, and subject area data in the areas of academics, climate, readiness, and testing to:

1.     Monitor school-wide and district-wide progress at towards reading, math, science, graduation  and college & career readiness goals

2.     Monitor progress towards reducing the school and district achievement gaps

3.     Evaluate and develop strategies and programs for increasing student achievement, promoting equitable educational practices, and improving school and post-secondary readiness for all students

B.  Staff & District Data

·       Monitor data for district strategic plan implementation

·       Ensure administrative access to timely and appropriate data for members of the district leadership team

III. Grants Management:

A.     Grants

·       Manage grants as they relate to budgeting and compliance, including but not limited to the following:

a.      Title I, II, III writing / management

b.      Integration grant writing/ management

c.      Compensatory Pilot grant writing / management

·       Other grants as needed 


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